Tim Lincecum scores an exclusive interview with Bruce Lee

Fun video splices interview footage of legendary martial artist with San Francisco Giants pitcher.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum recently sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with legendary martial artist, actor, philosopher and inspirational human being Bruce Lee. Whaaaaaat?

The Giants recently dropped this hilarious video that features Bruce Lee as a guest on The Tim Lincecum Show, splicing together classic interview footage of Lee from The Pierre Berton Show with some cheeky questions and responses from the Filipino American two-time Cy Young Award winning Freak.

As a lifelong fan of both Bruce and the Giants, this is a glorious combination of all my favorite things:

This fun piece of digital trickery was produced to promote the San Francisco Giants' upcoming Bruce Lee 75th Birthday Celebration, happening July 7 at AT&T Park. Come out to see the Giants play the Mets and get a special limited edition Bruce Lee Bobblehead. For more information, and to purchase ticket, go here.


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