See spaceships and dinosaurs in the teaser for 'The Garden'

Watch the epic 18-second trailer for the forthcoming sci-fi short.

Hmmm. Just got a mysterious video link passed along to me... Check out this cool-looking teaser trailer for a soon-to-be-released sci-fi short film called The Garden. I don't know who's making it, who's in it, or what it's about, but it appears to involve spaceships and dinosaurs and laser guns and special effects and pretty people in peril. And I like movies about all of those things.

If you've got 18 seconds of your day to spare, check it out:

It's quick, but I do recognize Jun Sung Kim in the shot of the guy in the spaceship cockpit. I would like to see more. To get updates on when the full short will premiere online, follow #thegardenshort and like the video on Vimeo.


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