See Bruce kick ass in this dope Enter the Dragon Remix

My favorite movie asskickings set to a killer beat.

This weekend happens to mark the anniversary of Enter the Dragon, my favorite movie of all time.

Released just weeks after Bruce Lee's untimely death, it was the movie that launched him to global superstardom and immortalized him as an international pop culture icon. On August 29, 1973, Enter the Dragon had its Hollywood premiere at the legendary Grauman's Chinese Theater.

In honor of the movie's anniversary, I thought it was a good excuse to re-share this super-cool Enter The Dragon Remix by Eclectic Method, featuring the iconic score by Lalo Schifrin. It's pretty damn fun:

How dope is that? I could watch Bruce kick Oharra's ass on repeat, set to a killer beat. Now if you'll excuse me, I have been inspired to go watch Enter the Dragon for the thousandth time.

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