Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 21: Samantha Futerman

What's up, podcast listeners! I am pleased to present another new edition of the Sound and Fury podcast. In Episode 21, I talk to actor and filmmaker Samantha Futerman about her award-winning documentary Twinsters, which tells the amazing true story of how she reunited with her long lost twin sister.

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So... without further ado, here is my conversation with Samantha Futerman:

Episode 21: Samantha Futerman

In episode twenty-one, I talk to actor and Twinsters co-director Samantha Futerman about growing up as a Korean American adoptee, how a YouTube video reunited her with the twin sister she never knew she had, and why she decided to film the entire journey.

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Some notes about this episode:

Big thank you to Samantha for taking the time to hang out and chat. Special thanks to Sabzi for providing the beats. And as always, thank you to everybody for listening. If you like the show, please share it, tell your friends and leave a review on iTunes. To stay on top of future episodes and updates, be sure to subscribe.

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