Stop everything and listen to St. Lenox sing "You're Not Here"

St. Lenox is a project singer/songwriter Andrew Choi, the guy with the gigantic voice.

I don't have a lot of words to describe the music of St. Lenox, except to implore you to listen to that voice. That gigantic, incredible voice. St. Lenox is project of Ohio-bred, New York-based singer/songwriter Andrew Choi, whose music is variously categorized as "folktronica," R&B, indie-pop and jazz.

I first got turned on to St. Lenox's music earlier this year when his track "Just Friends," from his debut album Ten Songs About Memory And Hope, was featured on NPR's Songs We Love. He recently popped up back on my feed with this awesome live video premiere for "You're Not Here." You gotta hear this.

Like I said, that voice:

The rest of album is similarly dope fire. Get it here and via iTunes. (I think my favorite track is "I Still Dream of the '90s" because, well, I do.) For further information about St. Lenox and his music, visit his official website and follow updates on Facebook and YouTube.


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