Watch this couple's epic one-take wedding music video

Robert and Teresa enlisted the help of 250 wedding reception guests.

I have seen a lot of wedding videos. But I've never seen anybody do this.

On their big day, Robert and Teresa surprised their guests at the end of their wedding reception with a secret mission, enlisting the help of all 250 guests to shoot an epic one-take, multi-song music video, complete with props and choreography. The guests were briefed for ten minutes, placed into position, and they were off.

Check it out:

Out of curiosity, I asked my pal Paul PK Kim, comedian and veteran wedding DJ, for his "expert" opinion on this video: "This was EPIC," he says. And PK has been doing weddings for a long time. He's seen it all.

This is quite a feat, if only because they were able to coordinate and corral all 250 guests to play along. If you've been to enough weddings -- dude, Asian weddings -- you know it's damn near impossible to get all the reception guests to collectively take part in anything. So props for pulling that off. In one take!

Oh, and congratulations to the happy couple.


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