"This is not the America I thought I knew."

The case against falsely accused scientist Xiaoxing Xi reflects "America's most cherished ideals gone wrong."

Earlier this month, the Justice Department abruptly dropped criminal charges against Xiaoxing Xi, a scientist who was accused of sharing sensitive technology with China. Turns out, the evidence that prosecutors thought they had against Professor Xi was all wrong. In light of "additional information," they dropped the case. But that's after months of dragging his personal and professional reputation through the mud.

Joyce Xi, the daughter of Professor Xi, says the case "reflects some of America's most cherished ideals gone wrong." She has written an op-ed piece for USA Today in which she shares about her family's ordeal and the fallout of the government's false and reckless claims against her father. She's watched as the FBI raided her family's home, led her father away in handcuffs, and stripped away all senses of security and privacy.

She calls the case against her father and other falsely accused scientists "irresponsible government overreach."

Chinese spies and hackers surely exist, and those cases should be dealt with vigorously. But there are millions of Chinese Americans who are loyal and working hard to improve this country. No American should be held under suspicion because of his or her race, ethnicity or national origin. And the government should not level such serious charges or restrict the rights and freedoms of people without great care.

We still do not know why this happened. We do not know why the government started watching my father, and why they arrested him before consulting fully informed experts. This was a surprise my family never could have imagined.

We must find out the backstory to this case and others like it. Our ordeal was preventable, so let’s ensure this never happens again. We can do better, America.

The case took a significant toll on the Xi family's finances. To cover legal fees, they've had to borrow from relatives and take out loans. Joyce has not been able to pay for her college tuition. A legal defense fund has been set up at xiaoxingxi.org to help support the family as they recover from the heavy legal costs they've racked up during this awful ordeal. Go here to learn more and lend a hand.

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