French dad explains Paris terror attacks to young son

"They might have guns, but we have flowers."

If you haven't already seen this, here's a video that's been melting hearts around the world. How do you explain to a kid what happened in Paris? How do you explain that there are bad things in the world? And how do you explain that everything's going to be okay? Here's a dad who really seems to be doing it right.

In this video gone viral, a French dad movingly explains the Paris terror attacks to his young son. Standing outside the Bataclan theatre, where thousands have left floral tributes to the victims, dad comforts the boy and assures him not to be afraid of the "bad guys" with guns.

We see the kid come to the realization that perhaps love is the only protection he'll ever need. Just watch:

French father and son have the most precious conversation in i...

A father and son have the most precious conversation during an interview by french media at the scene of the Bataclan attacks. I saw that it hadn't been subtitled in english yet, so I made a quick edit to show the rest of the world how freakin awesome some of our citizens are. They're my heros. I feel better too now! #paris #bataclan #parisattacksUPDATE: Full segment has been posted with subtitles by LPJ http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3e8rah_paris-attacks-november-2015-le-petit-journal-du-16-11_tvImages and interview are a courtesy of Le Petit Journal . Thank you so much to the LPJ team for this interview and a very touching segment yesterday! Also, thank you for letting this video be accessed by all and not putting it down. Thank you to Angel Le (father) and Brandon (son) for brightening up our day. <3 Original Segment: http://bit.ly/1Lix9L2Original Video (without subtitles): https://www.facebook.com/PetitJournalYannBarthes/videos/1013093998733798/

Posted by Jerome Isaac Rousseau on Monday, November 16, 2015

If you can make it through this video without needing a moment, please check your stony cold heart for a pulse.

Here's the full translated text of the interview:

Journalist: Do you understand what's happened? Do you understand why these people have done this?

Boy: Yes, because they are very, very, very bad. Bad people aren't very nice. And you have to be very careful because you need to move house.

Father: No, don't worry, we don't have to move. France is our home.

Boy: But what about the baddies, Dad?

Father: There are baddies everywhere. There are bad guys everywhere.

Boy: They've got guns. They can shoot us because they're very, very bad, Daddy.

Father: They've got guns but we have flowers.

Boy: But flowers don't do anything. They're for... they're for... they're for...

Father: Look, everyone is laying flowers here.

Boy: Yes.

Father: It's to fight against the guns.

Boy: Is it for protection?

Father: That's right.

Boy: And the candles too?

Father: They're so we don't forget the people who have gone.

Boy: Oh. The flowers and candles are there to protect us?

Father: Yes.

Journalist: Do you feel better now?

Boy: Yes, I feel better.

I feel a little better too.


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