The Fob & I: A Webseries About Two Indians That Are Different

Writer/director Meena Ramamurthy presents an episodic comedy about culture-clashing cousins.

The Fob & I is a webseries "about two Indians that are different." Imagine that. Created by writer/director Meena Ramamurthy, the series centers on Jisha (Uttera Singh), a so-called FOB from India, and her cousin Sita (Shefali Deshay), who is Indian American. When forced to live together in a Hollywood apartment, these two cousins find that even when you seem similar, you can be so different.

It's a funny, wry take on negotiating varying levels of Indian identity and finding common ground. It also has a pretty grand time poking fun at the shameless and often ridiculous western appropriation of Indian culture. One episode involves the search for the perfect cup of chai tea, while another episode tackles a color run that is very reminiscent of the Indian Holi festival. And episode five is titled, "The Bollywood One."

It's been described as "Girls but interesting." Here's the trailer:

And here are episodes 3, 4 and 5:

For further information about The Fob & I, visit the series website. Also listen to Episode 5 of my friend Paola Mardo's podcast F This Weekly, which featured an interview with Meena Ramamurthy.

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