Jeremy Lin drops 21 points to help Hornets tie playoff series

Charlotte nabs their second straight playoff victory over the Miami Heat.

No big deal. Just Jeremy Lin being hella Jeremy Lin when the Hornets need it the most. The guard from Harvard has been on fire, dropping 21 points off the bench Monday night and helping Charlotte nab their second straight playoff victory over the Miami Heat, tying the Eastern Converence series 2-2.

Relentlessness of Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lin help Hornets tie series

Lin was the second-leading scorer behind Kemba Walker in the Hornets' 89-85 victory over the Heat. The guy has been relentless, not just in Game 4, but this entire series. In four playoff games, he's averaging 19.1 points per 36 minutes and shooting 50 percent inside the three-point line.

As usual, here's a conveniently compiled video of Jeremy's game highlights from Monday night:

Everybody's favorite move seems to be Jeremy's three-pointer in the fourth quarter. Not the shot itself, but the aftermath. After sinking a triple off the glass, Jeremy ran back down the court and shrugged -- just like Hornets owner Michael Jordan infamously did in the 1992 NBA Finals.

After the game, Jeremy said the gesture wasn't an homage to Jordan.

"No, no, I didn't even think about that until after the game when they said that," Lin said. "Me and Kemba were talking about that -- that was kind of Angels in the Outfield, a blessing from God. That shot, when I let it go, I was like, yo, there's no chance this goes in. And it went in. So thank God."

And thank you, Jeremy, for keeping things exciting.

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