Arizona woman assaults students for speaking Mandarin

22-year-old Kalie Rutledge punched Xiaolin Shi for speaking Chinese on the light rail.

The hell? People apparently can't even speak Chinese in public in Arizona without the threat of violence. In Tempe, a woman was arrested for assaulting two students after she heard them speak Mandarin on the light rail.

Asian Couple assaulted in Tempe for speaking Mandarin on light rail, Kalie Rutledge arrested

Police say 22-year-old Kalie Rutledge was riding on the Metro Light Rail on May 20 when she heard Arizona State University student Xiaolin Shi speaking to a friend in Mandarin. She apparently took issue with this.

Rutledge reportedly told them, "I don't speak Chinese, shut the fuck up!" and "Bitch, go f---ing back to China."

Xiaolin Shi

The couple reportedly got off the train at the next stop -- I'd want to get the hell away from her too -- but Rutledge followed them. She reportedly punched the female victim in the face. When the male victim stepped in front of the victim, Rutledge punched him in the face too.

"I lost consciousness for a few seconds, and then I found myself on the ground with blood all over my face," Shi, who suffered a fractured eye socket, told the China Daily. Her friend was not seriously injured.

Rutledge then left the area but was found by police and arrested that night. According to court records, she faces charges of assault, aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

Damn. Punched in the face for speaking Mandarin. Maybe Rutledge is a fan of Ann Coulter.

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