Imagine all the Hollywood movies. Starring John Cho.

What would it look like if today's Hollywood blockbusters starred an Asian American leading man?

The ongoing dialogue around the whitewashing of Asian roles in movies like Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange has prompted some pretty interesting conversations about the dismal lack of opportunities for Asian American performers in Hollywood. One thing is for sure: Asian American leading men and women in feature films are few and far between. That's why #StarringJohnCho is so awesome.

The #StarringJohnCho campaign challenges Hollywood's resistance to casting Asian leads. "Today, only 1% of lead roles go to Asians. But if studies show that films with diverse casts result in higher box office numbers and higher returns on investments for film companies, why doesn't Hollywood cast lead actors to reflect this fact?"

Look, Asian Americans have the chops to be lead actors. Even if Hollywood continually refuses to see it. #StarringJohnCho is a social movement that literally shows you what it would look like if today's Hollywood blockbusters cast an Asian American actor -- specifically John Cho -- as their leading man.

And it looks pretty good. Check it out:

"So when Cho is cast in the next shocking thriller, hilarious rom-com, Oscar-bait drama, or box-office breaking action blockbuster, let's get him what he's always deserved: TOP BILLING."

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the actual John Cho is not affiliated with #StarringJohnCho.


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