68-year-old man on life support after road rage incident

Chun Tse was assaulted after getting into a minor traffic accident in Queens.

In New York, a 68-year-old man is hospitalized and on life support after being assaulted in an alleged road rage confrontation following a minor traffic accident. The incident was caught on dash cam video.

68-Year-Old Man On Life Support After Alleged Road Rage Incident In Queens

Chun Tse was involved in a fender bender last week in Queens. Dash cam video shows him walk to the front of the car to check the damage, then exchange words with the other driver, 44-year-old Cleaman Anderson. Moments later, Anderson punched Tse, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head.

Tse was on his way to a senior center in Flushing, where he volunteers as a cook. He is now in a coma. According to doctors, if he regains consciousness, he'll likely be paralyzed.

Anderson initially told authorities Tse slipped and fell... until police found surveillance video showing him punch Tse. Anderson's sister, an off-duty NYPD school safety agent, was in the car at the time of the assault and also told investigators that Tse was hurt in a fall. She has been suspended by the NYPD for the attempted cover-up.

Anderson has been charged with assault.

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