Four arrested in kidnapping for ransom; victim still missing

57-year-old Elvira Babb was last seen June 29 in Vallejo, California.

In Northern California, authorities are investigating the kidnapping for ransom of a 57-year-old woman who remains missing after almost two weeks even though four suspects have been arrested in the case.

4 arrested, victim still missing in Vallejo kidnapping

Elvira Babb was last seen June 29 by a co-worker who dropped her off at a market in Vallejo. Her son, John Babb, received a text message from an unknown number the next day demanding money -- a figure described as less than $100,000 -- and threatening his mother's life if he didn't comply or went to the police.

Babb went to his mother's home after receiving the text and found her pet Chihuahua dead. He contacted the Vallejo Police Department and told officers his mother had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom.

A weeklong investigation, which included the FBI, the Sacramento and Fairfield police departments, Solano County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshals Service, led officials to an acquaintance of Elvira Babb, 26-year-old Emmanuel Espinoza, who was arrested in Sacramento on Friday night.

Espinoza is considered the primary suspect. Authorities also arrested 32-year-old Jalon Brown, 23-year-old Larry Young and 27-year-old Lovely Rauzol on the charge of kidnapping for ransom.

According to police, the suspects are not cooperating with police and have not divulged the Babb's location. Investigators have no leads as to where Babb may be or whether she is alive.

"We've run into a dead end," Lt. Jeff Bassett, a spokesman for the Vallejo Police Department, said during a news conference. "We've got all our suspects in custody. We're confident we have the right people. And we still don't have our victim. We don't know where she is, and we really don't have many solid leads."

The investigation is continuing, and police are looking for help. Anyone with information on the victim's whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Terry Poyser of the Vallejo Police Department at (707) 648-4080.

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