Man arrested in racist attack on Indian motel manager

Brandon Kilgore called Preet Moudgil a "terrorist," threatened him with a knife and broke into his home.

"All he saw was a brown man." In Washington state, a man was arrested after calling an Indian American motel owner and his family "terrorists," threatening them with a knife and breaking into their home.

Victim in Kettle Falls assault says family was targeted for their skin color

28-year-old Brandon Kilgore is accused of coming after Preet Moudgil and his family with a knife, breaking into their apartment in a racist rampage. Later, Kilgore told a police officer, "I was trained to kill people like them."

Moudgil, who manages the Kettle Falls Inn, says that Kilgore came into the motel lobby on Saturday asking for a shower seat. He then asked Moudgil if he knew about Guantanamo Bay and made other racist comments.

Oh hell, you can probably guess where this was going.

"All he saw was a brown man."

Before Moudgil could go get the shower seat this damn fool was asking for, Kilgore left the lobby and came back brandishing a knife. "I'm going to cut you up because you're a terrorist," he told Moudgil.

Moudgil says he locked Kilgore out of the lobby and when he couldn't get inside he began to go around the building looking for a way in. Kilgore attempted to enter the apartment, attached to the inn's office, where Moudgil and his family live. He eventually found a way through a sliding glass door only accessible by the roof.

That's right. This guy climbed the f*cking roof to get at this family.

According to court documents, Kilgore raised his knife and pushed Moudgil's father, who was able to avoid getting stabbed and ran out of the house. Thankfully, everyone else in the house, including Moudgil's wife, mother-in-law and 3-year-old, were able to get out safely when Kilgore broke in.

After Kilgore left the residence, a friend called to the scene by the Moudgils managed to subdue Kilgore, throwing him to the ground and taking his knife, before police arrived to arrest him.

Kilgore is charged with first degree burglary, two counts of second degree assault and malicious mischief.

How about calling it a hate crime too?

Is there any other way to explain what happened here? Can't a guy just run his business without being called a terrorist and getting his ass chased with a damn knife? Moudgil told The Spokesman-Review that he had never before experienced the kind of hate he did Saturday night.

"All he saw was a brown man."

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