Wings, Guns and Magic! Preview Greg Pak's KINGSWAY WEST #2

Guest Post by Greg Pak

I grew up as a biracial Korean American kid in Texas who always loved Westerns. So when I learned about the actual history of the Chinese in the Old West, my head popped off, and for over two decades, I've been obsessed with writing a story about a Chinese gunslinger in the Old West.

Last Wednesday, my dreams came true when the first issue of my Dark Horse comic book series Kingsway West hit stores. Kingsway West tells the story of a Chinese gunslinger searching for his wife in an Old West overrun with magic, and I've been pretty much blown away by the response of readers and reviewers. I'm particularly grateful to Angry Asian Man and all the readers right here on this blog who supported the book from the minute it was announced way back in July 2015. So I'm thrilled to bring you a six page lettered preview of issue #2, written by yours truly, drawn by the great Mirko Colak, colored by the brilliant Wil Quintana, and lettered by the awesome Simon Bowland!

Kingsway West #1 is in comic stores right now -- pick it up at your local shop or buy it digitally at Comixology. Kingsway West #2 comes out on September 21 -- please feel free to ask your local shop to hold a copy for you!

Greg Pak is an award-winning Korean American comic book writer and filmmaker currently writing Kingsway West, a new series from Dark Horse; The Totally Awesome Hulk for Marvel; and Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York for Boom. Pak wrote the Code Monkey Save World graphic novel based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton and co-wrote (with Fred Van Lente) the acclaimed Make Comics Like the Pros how-to book. Pak's children's books include The Princess Who Saved Herself, also based on a Jonathan Coulton song, and an alphabet book about disgusting things called ABC Disgusting.

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