Get your hands on the Haikus On Hotties 2017 Calendar

From the Makers of
Hotties with Haikus now comes
Hotties ON Haikus.

Look, it's very simple. Hot Asian men. Poetry. Every month. People, it's the Haikus On Hotties 2017 Calendar, now available for purchase! The full-color calendar features thirteen months of attractive Asian men in various states of dress or undress, sharing a little bit of poetry with you. It makes the perfect holiday gift for your friends who need just a little more Asian American male hotness in their lives. Order now!

Created by Ada Tseng, Professor of Hotness, the non-award-winning photo and poetry series Haikus with Hotties was first launched in 2013 for Audrey Magazine, featuring attractive men answering ridiculous questions while counting syllables. Last year, the series inspired the crowd-funded 2016 Haikus With Hotties Calendar. And now, the project has morphed and returned with a twist: Haikus On Hotties.

This year's calendar features the likes of hotties Gerrard Lobo, Ronnie Woo, Vishavjit Singh, Kenta Seki, Sean Rameswaram, Justin Kim, Joseph Vincent and more. Best of all, proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to Angry Asian Man. The kind folks behind Haikus on Hotties will be hooking it up in support of this blog! With the purchase of a calendar, you're getting some hotness and you're helping me out.

So... you want one? Yes, you do. Each 2017 Haikus On Hotties Calendar is $19.99 -- that includes first-class shipping. For further information about the calendar, and to order a copy (or multiple copies) go here.

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