This is not leaked footage from the Mulan remake. It's better.

Chinese kids perform a pretty faithful re-creation of "Honor To Us All."

Leaked! Here is footage from the upcoming live action remake of Mulan. Just kidding. I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it features a bunch of Chinese kids performing a pretty faithful re-creation of the "Honor to Us All" number from Disney's 1998 animated feature Mulan. According to a Facebook comment, it's from a show called Little Actors and Actresses, in which kids perform their own takes on classic movies and TV shows.

Check it out:

For the record, that girl who plays the grandma is friggin' brilliant.

Here's the original scene:

At this point, I don't know what Sony and Disney are planning to do with their respective live action versions of Mulan. (Yes, we've discussed this.) But heck, I'd watch a full-length something with these kids.

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