Who the f*ck throws eggs at a solidarity vigil?

Little Tokyo hosted a vigil and rally in support of Muslim Americans and other immigrants.

Photo Credit: Josie Huang/KPCC

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, community members led a march through Little Tokyo on the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, calling for solidarity with Muslim Americans during this time of heightened of xenophobia and discrimination. We've been here before. We know where this leads. This is a community leading a literal march to make sure that America does not go down this road again.

Japanese-Americans stand with Muslims in wake of attacks

What this article does not mention is that as the vigil, a diverse gathering of about 200 community folk, made its way down 2nd Street, someone threw eggs at the crowd from a third floor balcony of the Hikari Apartments. According to several friends who were there, the eggs were thrown as vigil participants were chanting "Muslims are welcome here." Thankfully, nobody was hit. But it's definitely a reminder that there are some shitty people out there.

The way some friends tell it...

Eggs. Seriously? WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT.

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