This is the most adorable cooking show on the internet

Mazzy shows you the most legit and delicious recipes on "Cooking with Mazzy."

The only person on the internet (other than an Asian auntie or grandma) I trust to teach me how to cook Asian food is a little adorable toddler named Mazzy who is the star of her own (parent-produced) YouTube cooking show, "Cooking with Mazzy."

I mean, just look at the chef.

"Cooking with Mazzy" provides a much needed break from those other videos of white people trying to teach us how to cook our own cuisine. Mazzy is legit.

Mazzy, with a strong assist by her rad parents and grandparents, guides us through a bunch of recipes including pizza, gyoza, mochi, dan tat, and, in the most recent episode, cha siu bao.

She is delightful. The world needs more Cooking with Mazzy.

For more videos, check out her YouTube channel and website.

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