A 'Joy Luck Club' television series is in the works

Casting call seeks Chinese American women to participate in research for the show.

There's apparently a Joy Luck Club television series in the works. Whaaaaaaat. Somebody -- Ellen DeGeneres, possibly(!?) -- is developing a new television series based on Amy Tan's widely-read 1989 novel, and they're putting the call out to Chinese American women to be part of a discussion as research for the show.

According to this casting call, producers are seeking a "professionally diverse group of Chinese American born women," ages of 26 to 34 years old in the San Francisco area, to "discuss their lives as a Chinese American female in today's society." The project will take place on June 20 in San Francisco.

Here's the casting call:

Ellen DeGeneres and world-renowned author, Amy Tan want to invite fans of the novel, The Joy Luck Club to be part of a cultural discussion as research for a new television series.

We are seeking a professionally diverse group of Chinese American born women between the ages of 26-34 years old in the San Francisco area to discuss their lives as a Chinese American female in today’s society with producers of the series.

This project will take place in San Francisco on June 20th.

Email us a short bio about yourself and contact information to castingasianamericans@gmail.com

The Joy Luck Club, of course, has already been adapted into a 1993 feature film directed by Wayne Wang.

I know that the book and movie are somewhat divisive in some circles of our community, but I'm honestly curious about how a television series version of The Joy Luck Club might be re-envisioned and adapted for modern audiences, and if said research can perhaps help make it not totally unbearable. (I don't really understand how Ellen DeGeneres has anything to do with it though.)

I've been seeing this casting call circulated via social media, and I'm told it's legit. Submit accordingly.

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