"I just take no racism. Get that shit out of my face."

Philadelphia restaurateur Han Chieng suffers broken ankle in sidewalk fight with drunken racists.

A Philadelphia restaurateur suffered a broken ankle after getting into a sidewalk fight with several drunk individuals -- a fight that he says started when one of them shouted "ching chong wong" at him.

Han Dynasty owner breaks ankle in sidewalk fight: 'I just take no racism'

Han Chiang, owner of Han Dynasty in Old City, says he and several employees were outside on a cigarette break Thursday night when they encountered a group that had apparently just been kicked out of 2nd Story Brewing, the pub next door. Chiang and his colleagues were about to go back inside when one of the group yelled something to the effect of "ching chong wong" at them. Chiang called him on it.

"I turned around and said, 'Fuck you, you racist motherfucker,'" Chiang said in a phone interview with Billy Penn. "The guy denied saying it, then his friend Ian jumped in and hit me with a skateboard." Then it was on.

The fight escalated, with multiple people joining in, and Chiang getting his ankle broken in the fracas. At some point, the fight was broken up, and Chiang was hospitalized. But not before skateboard guy and the gang yelled "Fuck you, you Chinese faggots!" as they made their getaway.

Later, Ian Carroll, the guy who apparently hit Chiang with the skateboard, posted a note to Han Dynasty's Facebook page, preemptively recounting his version of the altercation, alleging that it was the Han Dynasty employees who started the fight when they tried to jump him and his friends.

Chiang says he and his colleagues did no such thing. "We didn't start nothing," he told Billy Penn via text. "One of his friends said something racist to us first. We were chilling and minding our own business. He was protecting his racist friend."

The Han Dynasty's Facebook account replied to Carroll's post and basically told him he was full of shit.

Carroll now claims the incident was "a small thing being [blown] out of proportion," he told Billy Penn via Facebook message. "Wish none of it would have happened. I hope Han is ok." It's funny how people who instigate racist shit always try to downplay it after the fact, especially when they get called out for it.

He and his bros clearly fucked with the wrong guy. Chiang might have suffered a broken ankle, but he definitely doesn't seem like the kind of person you mess with, especially with that "ching chong" bullshit.

"I just take no racism," he says. "Get that shit out of my face."

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