Restaurant calls customer "Ching Chong" on receipt

Manhattan's Cornerstone Cafe apologizes after racial receipt goes viral.

This again. It's the return of the Racial Receipt! The latest sighting occurred in New York, where a Manhattan restaurant recently apologized for referring to an Asian American customer as "Ching Chong" on a receipt.

Last Wednesday, a server at Cornerstone Cafe in the East Village entered an Asian customer's name as "Ching Chong" on the slip for a to-go order of steak and eggs. Because why bother asking for a customer's actual name when you can silently mock them with a racial slur, right under their nose?

The incident started picking up attention when a friend of the customer, Facebook user Ziggy Chau, posted a photo of the offending receipt on social media. That's when the internet went in on Cornerstone Cafe.

Really, how hard is it to do your job while, like, not being racist?

When Chau initially called the restaurant to inform them about what happened, the manager made an excuse, explaining that perhaps the server had misheard the customer's name.

Nice try, but we all know that's some kind of bullshit.

After the posting went viral, the restaurant was bombarded with negative attention, particularly on social media, including calls for a boycott or protest. According to NBC New York, Cornerstone Cafe's Yelp page was flooded with more than 40 one-star reviews, mentioning the receipt.

By the end of the day, Cornerstone Cafe issued an apology on its Facebook page, noting that the employee in question had been fired.

"This situation leaves me no choice than to terminate this employee for this unjustified act. It definitely does not reflect the way the Cornerstone staff or I think because of one individuals stupidity," wrote the restaurant's manager, who identified himself only as Rocco.

Chau says she shared the receipt not only to bring attention to the racial slur and force the restaurant to apologize, but also to encourage Asian Americans to speak up, even in these seemingly minor instances.

" This is not about being petty or overly sensitive," Chau wrote in a follow-up Facebook post. "This is about speaking up when it matters, especially as Asians."

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