The Great Failed Spam Heist of Ewa Beach

Thieves thwarted while attempting to steal 18 cases of Spam from a Hawaii drug store.

It wasn't exactly a fool-proof plan, but you have to appreciate the audacity of these thieves, just a little bit. This week in Hawaii, three women were thwarted while trying to steal 18 cases of Spam.

3 women attempt to steal 18 cases of Spam at Ewa Beach Longs

According to KITV, the attempted Spam heist occurred at a Longs Drugs store in Ewa Beach, where a trio of shoplifters tried to roll off with 18 cases -- that's 216 cans -- of everybody's favorite canned cooked meat.

The thieves were thwarted when a watchful customer noticed the shopping cart full of Spam while hanging out in cereal aisle. He got suspicious and staked out the store's exit to see what was up.

"I didn't say anything. I just stood by the door and the person that was trying to steal all the Spam just pushed the wagon and said 'Here!'" Kurt Fevella told KITV.

The women pushing the shopping cart was described as a having short black hair and a tattoo on half her back. The suspects didn't score the Spam, but reportedly got away with bags full of other product.

Officials believe the attempted theft is actually part of a larger system of local retail organized crime, in which Spam and other canned goods have become hot commodities on the illegal re-sell market.

Damn. Do they have to start locking up the Spam next to the high-end booze?

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