Claudia and the Baby-sitters Club Books We Really Needed

Remixed and re-titled book covers imagine all the bullshit Claudia Kishi had to deal with.

For a certain generation of young readers, Claudia Kishi is an icon.

Any fan of The Baby-sitters Club will tell you that Claudia is artistic, stylish, fashionable and a terrible student. She's also the Asian one. As the Japanese American member of The Baby-sitters Club, she was a rarity when Ann M. Martin's prolific, mega-popular novel series debuted in 1986. In a literature landscape so often devoid of characters of color, many Asian American readers saw themselves in Claudia.

In Keep Out, Claudia! (Book #56) the Baby-sitters Club is hired by a new family who are totally cold and rude to Claudia when she comes over to babysit their kids, for reasons she can't understand. But when the BSC's white sitters come over, they're cool. Then later, when Jessi, who is African American, comes over to sit, they won't even let her through the door. Turns out, the family is racist!

It was one of the few times the series addressed issues of racial prejudice, albeit clunkily, in its 200+ volume run. But it gets you wondering how that racism might have further affected Claudia, as one of the seemingly few Asian American residents in the fictional town of Stonybrook, Connecticut. As an Asian American character, Claudia busted some stereotypes. But realistically, she probably had to deal with her share of bullshit.

What would those books look like?

Let us imagine a few Baby-sitters Club stories, using re-titled and remixed covers of actual Baby-sitters Club books, that might have seen Claudia realistically and frankly grappling with her identity as a racial minority.

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