Kelly Marie Tran found out she got cast in 'Star Wars'... then went back to work at her office job.

From unknown office assistant to a starring role galaxy far, far away.

From Entertainment Weekly: In her first official Star Wars performance, she had to keep playing the role of Kelly Marie Tran, office assistant.

"The day I found out, [director Rian Johnson] was like, 'Oh we want you in this movie,' I had just left work on my lunch break to go to this meeting," she recalls. "Afterward, he told me that I couldn't tell anyone, so I went back to work and answered phones and answered emails, like nothing happened. It was the most bizarre experience. Inside I was like, Ugh! Crazy!"

Then came the announcement. Then came the production. Then came a whole cascade of happy-happy, joy-joy that struggling actors are unaccustomed to dealing with. "I still just sort of live my life the way that I was before," she says. "I don’t know when I will feel that it's different. Definitely, when I saw the action figures, I was like, 'This is insane,' but it still hasn't sunk in or registered on me."

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