Angry Reader of the Week: Michael Song

"The experts say I'm about to enter my mid-life crisis..."

Hey, folks. Gather 'round, because it is time, once again, to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Michael Song.

Who are you?

I told my beautiful wife that I was going to be Angry Reader of the Week. She told me that I was probably going to be the least interesting Reader of the Week in angryasianman.com history and that no one would read this... So with that out of the way...


[in my best Ric Flair voice[ I'm a stylin', profilin', potty trainin', PJ Masks DVRin', GoT/Walking Dead/Terrace House watchin', burrito and malai kofta eatin', Michigan Football fanboyin', 70's Soul/Funk/R&B listenin', white hair sportin', Amazon Prime orderin', AAM readin', #humblebraggin', wheelin' & dealin' son-of-a-gun... WooOOoo!!!

What are you?

In other words, I'm a 39 year old AsAm dad.

Father of two (maybe three?...) and a husband of one....

Where are you?

In life? Feeling good and loving our young family, but the experts say I'm about to enter my mid-life crisis...

I don't believe them. To be fair though, my last three online purchases were for:

1. A Triple FAT Goose parka (those my age know what this is, the updated styles are dope!)

2. A Rogue power rack

3. A Toro Power Curve 1800 Snow Blower

Two out of those three items are clear leading indicators...

I will continue to fight my natural instincts that tell me spending a fortune on a Porsche Cayenne SUV is both practical and cool. (Protip: it's neither)

Where are you from?

Depends on who's asking...

If it's the old lady sitting next to me on the airplane: Maam, I was born in Toledo, but my parents immigrated to the US from Korea a long, long time ago... Umm no, unless they have escaped, it's highly unlikely that a Korean living in America is from North Korea...

If it's Phil from AAM: NYC... well now the burbs of NYC... I grew up in the Detroit area, during the Vincent Chin tragedy (my parents still talk about it to this day) and during the 1980s/1990s auto trade wars with Japan... I was fortunate enough to grow up in a fairly tight-knit town, but there were also plenty of grimey moments. Growing up, I've been called words that rhyme with "pink" and/or "lap" more times than I cared for... My personal favorite was "C*inks"-Ahoy. Don't shed any tears for me though, appropriate playground retribution was administered in most cases.


What do you do?

Whatever my Scorpio wife tells me to do... (love you, Joann!)

What are you all about?

Before marriage, I was all about working hard and playing hard.

After marriage, I am all about doing the best I can to raise my kids and keeping my wife happy (did I mention she is a Scorpio...). NO ONE in my house will be taking violin or cello lessons (unless they really want to).

What makes you angry?

I am the only AsAm man in America shorter than his dad (this is a well known fact).

The extinction of mixtapes.

No one in the Stark family bothers to ask Bran v3.0 what happens in the future before they make key military decisions. It would have been helpful to get a raven letting them know that the Night King has been blessed with Clayton Kershaw's arm and also happens to possess a few dragon-killing ice javelins on his person.

Pineapple on pizza (it's actually a Canadian invention, not Hawaiian!).

That time when Chong Li lost to Frank Dux in the Kumite.

People who deviously put their bag in the open seat next to them on the train.

Pepe the frog.

People ordering the wheat bread at Subway; Italian bread has <calories, <carbs and <sugar (you're welcome).

Recent surges in Korean BBQ price inflation.

Flash Boys and/or Amadeus Cho (w/ Steven Yeun as the lead) still hasn't been made into a movie/TV series.

When cords unexplainably tangle by themselves just by sitting in my bag.

The Mountain Brothers never getting their proper due during the golden age of 1990's hip-hop... AsAm millennials -- Go forth, Google them and don't let them be forgotten! (not related / connected to them personally in any way, just a fan of the group and that era of hip hop)




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