Kids meet a photographer with TAR Syndrome. It's adorable.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

In this sweet video for HiHo, part of their "Kids Meet" series, see what happens when a bunch of precocious kids meet Jordan Nicholson, a Seattle-based photographer who was born with TAR Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by the absence of the radius bone in the forearm.

Or, as Jordan puts it, "I have small arms."

The kids have questions for Jordan. And it's pretty darn adorable.

Nicholson says the video was an opportunity to share his story with some young folks. They could meet him -- "someone a lil different" -- in a safe space where they could ask him anything.

"I've always been fairly comfortable with myself, but I think in recent years I've really been trying to become confident in myself and in my body!" Nicholson shares on Facebook. "For me, that's meant pushing myself to become more and more comfortable in speaking my Truth."

However, I doubt he expected to be asked point blank if he had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Doh.

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