Drunk Randall Park tells the Drunk History of Frank Emi

Starring Aaron Takahashi as Frank Emi.

The premise of Drunk History is fairly simple. People go on camera and narrate the story of a noteworthy historical figure or moment... while drunk. Then they present a re-enactment of this alcohol-fueled account.

On the latest episode of the hit Comedy Central series, Fresh Off The Boat star Randall Park gets liquored up and tells the story of civil rights activist Frank Emi, played here by Aaron Takahashi. Incarcerated at Heart Mountain during World War II, Emi protested against the drafting of Japanese Americans into military service.

An important part of the story of Japanese American incarceration, told under the influence, burps and all.

Did you know that Randall Park has a graduate degree in Asian American Studies? Dude knows some things.

The amazing part is that a lot of people who see this probably never would have known about this aspect of Japanese American incarceration during World War II, or that it happened at all, if it wasn't for a drunken re-telling on Comedy Central. We live in strange, amazing times.

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