Just some everyday racism in the supermarket checkout line

"Go back to your country."

Another day, another encounter with everyday racism in the U.S.A., caught on camera. This one comes to us from a supermarket in Northern California, where over the weekend, a family encountered a fellow shopper who told them to -- take a wild guess -- "go back to your country," among other racist remarks.

The scene unfolded Sunday at the Lucky supermarket in Daly City, where a Filipino American family got into some kind of altercation with a woman in the checkout line. In an Instagram video posted by user @jennyveladera, you can see the woman behind them going off on her own little racist mutter tirade.

"Licky licky licky." She taunts them with some kind of gibberish, then asks, "You don't want me to talk Philippine?" Then, putting her groceries onto the belt, she says to no one and everyone listening, "Come on. Look at all the groceries they buy. Steal our food, steal our money, our jobs." (By the way, accusing someone of stealing food makes absolutely no sense when they are literally paying for their food right in front of you.)

Jenny, holding the camera, is understandably exasperated, and can only comment, "So racist. Oh my God."

The man, who is far too patient, can be heard attempting to engage the woman with actual facts.

"We've got a family to feed."

But the woman is not having it. "So what? Go back to your country." Ah, there it is.

"This is my country," he tries to explain.

"It isn't. You're lying. You're lying. You're lying, just like you got here."

Okay, it's clearly futile to have kind of reasonable interaction this hateful, ignorant woman, and the couple realizes this. You can hear the guy ask someone, presumably the cashier, "You have the right to refuse service, right? I think you should." Yes, hell yes, you should refuse this woman service for being a shitty person.

Meanwhile, the harassment continues. "Take our food. Take our jobs. And then they say, 'Oh, you're prejudiced. Oh, we're all looking for the dream.' Well, screw our dream." What the fuck are you going on about, lady?

Perhaps worst of all, Jenny says that she had her 5-year-old with her while all this was going on.

This might not even have been first time this woman has done this. After the video was posted to Instagram, a commenter claimed the Lucky lady has been involved in a similar incident at a local Target.

It's not that we didn't know that these attitudes existed -- this shit happens all the time. It just seems to be happening with more frequency, or maybe just caught on camera with more frequency. Whatever the case, in post-2016 America, people feel more emboldened to let their racist flag fly -- on the road, at the restaurant, in the checkout line -- and seemingly doesn't care if everyone sees it. Until, you know, everyone does see it.

Good luck living in Daly City with that kind of hate, lady.

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