Man arrested in hate crime attack on Sikh store owner

Andrew Ramsey assaulted Harwinder Dodd and attempted to steal his turban.

In Oregon, a man is facing a hate crime charge after attacking a Sikh convenience store owner and attempting to steal his turban, in a violent altercation that started with a disagreement over a pack of cigarettes.

On Monday, 24-year-old Andrew Ramsey tried to purchase cigarettes at the 12th Street Market in Salem, but didn’t have identification with him. When the owner, Harwinder Dodd, refused to sell him the cigarettes, Ramsey became angry and attacked him, throwing his shoe at him, pushing him down and attempting to steal his turban.

According to a probable cause statement, Ramsey told police he thought removing the Dodd's turban would disrespect him because he was "Hindu and prays to Vishnu the catfish god." Ramsey was charged with misdemeanor second-degree intimidation -- a hate crime in Oregon -- and fourth-degree assault charges.

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