Music Video Premiere: "dec17" by fuvk

"Maybe later on this week we'll take back the words we speak."

Engineers by day, musicians by night! fuvk is the Austin-based bedroom indie pop project (or termed "audio journal") of Shirley Zhu. Started in 2016, the band features Zhu on vocals/guitar, Jiyoung Min on violin and Kevin Javier on cello -- all graduates of the University of Texas with STEM degrees, now working full-time day jobs (Zhu is an analyst at EA, and Min is a software developer at vrbo).

We're proud to present the premiere of their new music video for "dec17" from their EP Golden Girl, directed by award-winning filmmaker Huay-Bing Law.

"dec17" -- written on December 17, 2017 -- is set in the context of a volatile relationship.

"Honestly we fought and broke up so much that I don't remember specifically what was happening in that moment," Zhu says. "The verses are more of a love song, focusing on the nature of intimacy and observing details about someone's body. The chorus talks about the on/off nature of the relationship -- saying things out of impulse and taking them back almost immediately."

Law, a fellow Texan, stumbled across the fuvk's music on a local Spotify playlist and became an instant fan. He messaged the band to collaborate, and they were down. The music video for "dec17" reflects the vibe of the shoot: friends having fun, keeping things simple and highlighting the music.

"We didn't really have any money, but we wanted to do something simple anyway," Law says. "So we just got some friends together, found a big open parking lot and just spent a couple hours one afternoon rehearsing/shooting. Pretty quick, easy and fun."

For more from fuvk, visit Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp.

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