A Music Video History of Asian America

It's like a fun, overly informative Asian American version of 'Pop-Up Video.'

You wanna teach the kids a little something about Asian Americans in music? Point them to A Music Video History of Asian America, created by our friends at Pacific Arts Movement. Their team spent 130+ hours putting together this epic 35-minute compilation of 46 music videos that crafts a 46-year oral history of Asian America. It plays like a fun, overly informative Asian American version of Pop-Up Video.

This will probably be the only time you'll see the likes of Yellow Pearl alongside Jocelyn Enriquez, alongside Das Racist, alongside Ruby Ibarra, alongside Japanese Breakfast... alongside...

Check it out:

"Our intention was to create a music video history of Asian America," the project's description reads, "highlighting the important role these artists play in the preservation and reminder of our history, our heritage, and our struggles, both shared and individual, personal and political, as well as their equally important commentary on the society, identity, and the social issues of today. Though the video is by no means complete or comprehensive, each of the artists we picked plays an important role in telling that story and adding to, shaping, and defining the multifaceted Asian American identity."

So maybe your favorite musician didn't make the cut. But maybe they included some artists you weren't familiar with, whose music you kinda dig. Altogether, it's a really interesting celebration of the artists who have been out there telling the stories of our community. It's food for thought, and a damn fun trip down memory lane.

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