The Matrix starring Bruce Lee? Just plain weird.

Deepfake pastes Bruce's face in iconic Keanu Reeves' role.

I am soundly convinced that deepfakes will be the downfall of our society. When executed well, they can be all at once amusing, unsettling and kind of disturbing. This latest one to hit the web from Ctrl Shift Face, pasting Bruce Lee's face onto Keanu Reeves in a fight scene from The Matrix, is just... weird.

As you know, I'm a big Bruce fan, and I've probably seen most of the available martial arts movie footage he ever filmed. So seeing this is just plain freaky, not least because he would never move or look like this.

With all due respect to Yuen Wo Ping's fight choreography, I've never been particularly fond of the martial arts in this Matrix scene, mainly because Keanu is not quite there with the moves. It's respectable attempt -- he's got a handle on the choreography, but it lacks a certain fluidity you can't fake. He's not a martial artist, and it shows.

So yeah, pasting Bruce's face on Keanu's body? Weird shit.

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