Criterion Collection teases Bruce Lee, Wong Kar-wai box sets

Annual doodle hints at upcoming home video releases for 2020.

Just a little bit of fun news from movie geeks who still like getting DVDs and Blu-rays for the home collection, like me. These days, physical purchases are reserved for special items. So this recent "announcement" from Criterion Collection has given me reason to save up some hard-earned cash.

As is tradition, the home video distributor specializing in "important classic and contemporary cinema" dropped its annual doodle teasing some of the year's upcoming releases, leaving it up to us cinephiles to decipher the maddeningly simple drawings. This year's clues hint at releases that align particularly well with my tastes: Wong Kar-wai and Bruce Lee box sets.

The doodles on the left refer to works by Federico Fellini ("fleeing e") and Agn├Ęs Varda ("on yes"). The images on the right indicate Wong Kar-wai ("1 Car Why") and Bruce Lee (that would be a bruised Robert E. Lee, ha ha) box sets are in the works. I'm guessing we expect some 4K restorations? That would be extremely cool.

In the meantime, we'll wait on the official announcements from Criterion.

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