In 'Quantum Leap,' Time Travel is Not Just For White People

Raymond Lee stars in the new 'Quantum Leap' reboot as Dr. Ben Seong.

I cannot express how I excited I am for NBC's upcoming restart of Quantum Leap. Not only was a huge fan of the hit 1990s time travel drama, I'm pretty psyched to see Raymond Lee in the starring role as the titular leaper.

The original show centered Dr. Samuel Beckett, who unwillingly finds himself "leaping" through space and time into the identities of individuals, helping history along the way before leaping into the next life. In the update, Lee stars as quantum physicist Dr. Ben Seong, who sets the reboot in motion when he makes an unauthorized leap into the past. His team begins searching for answers, scrambling to bring him home before he gets in too deep."

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive preview on the new show, including some insightful background information on Dr. Seong from Lee and the showrunners:
Described as a spiritual scientist, quantum physicist Dr. Seong has a specific approach to time travel. "He is compelled over and over again to make the right decision, even if his own life is at stake, so he is a much better person than I am in real life. He's something to strive for," Lee says. Dr. Seong immigrated from Korea with his mother, which will be integral to the story Quantum Leap is telling. "We're telling an immigrant story at its core, and it is how Ben is experiencing life moving forward," Lilien explains.
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