All The Asians On Star Trek 33: Christopher Aguilar

The Podcast In Which We Interview All The Asians On Star Trek.

All The Asians On Star Trek is the podcast in which we interview all the Asians on Star Trek. In Episode 33, we welcome actor Christopher Aguilar. When he was 12 years old, he guest starred on Star Trek: Voyager, in the season three episode "Before and After," in which he played "Andrew Kim" -- the future son of Ensign Harry Kim and the grandson of Lt. Tom Paris and Kes. Wait, what? It's all very confusing and Christopher helps us clear it up. He talks about getting his start as a kid actor in Hollywood, channeling is own inner Kes while shooting Voyager, as well as his job eventually working as a cast member for Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. He also gets real about his journey, sharing about his work as a writer, performer and mental health advocate.

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