They Call Us Bruce 196: They Call Us Ten Thousand Things

Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.

What's up, podcast listeners? We've got another episode of our podcast They Call Us Bruce. (Almost) each week, my good friend, writer/columnist Jeff Yang and I host an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America, with a strong focus on media, entertainment and popular culture.

In this episode, we welcome Shin Yu Pai, award-winning poet, museologist, and host of Ten Thousand Things, a podcast about modern-day artifacts of Asian American life. We discuss the personal objects and collections that say who we are and where we've been, from Rep. Andy Kim's now-famous blue suit to our precious stuffed loved ones. We also play a special show-and-tell version of The Good, The Bad and The WTF featuring our own Asian American artifacts.

Our theme music is by Kero One.

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