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I was flipping channels and spotted actress Rosalind Chao on some TV movie called Three Blind Mice on CBS.


Also saw the season premiere of Friends. There's this bit where Joey is trying to impress a Broadway director. The director informs him that Joey can't audition, because he casting an all-Chinese cast. Joey says, that's not a problem, and starts pulling his fingers to his face and makes "Chinese" eyes. What the-?! That's racist!


So I saw the season premiere of ER. Ming Na is in it for about two seconds. I'm not kidding. She literally has one line in the entire episode. What's up with that? At least they acknowledged her presence as a member of the cast, but come on, they could've given her a little more to do than walk by and say hello. They focus on four of the characters -- but of course not on Dr. Deb Chen. Man, she is like the most underwritten character on the whole show! What's up with that? Isn't it more than a coincidence that they brought Ming Na onto the regular cast of ER immediately after the NAACP blasted the networks for the absolute lack of diversity on prime time television that season? The producers are playing us for fools! They think we'll be satisfied by just having an Asian face on the show? We need emotional content! Not diversity for diversity's sake. Come to think of it, Ming Na and Eriq LaSalle (two of the three minorities on the show) are the very last ones presented in the opening credits for the show. Why do they come last? They're holding us down! That's racist!


See Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato tonight on the premiere of Enterprise.


Asian girl in the premiere of Undeclared. She was the girl gettin' busy with the English dude. Great.


Asian dude on a commercial for Listerine CoolMint and FreshBurst mouthwash. Also, a whole mess of Asian people in a commercial the new Toyota Camry.


Lucy Liu was on America: A Tribute to Heroes, the super telethon benefit for victims of the terrorist attack.


Want offensive lyrics? Check out the album The Saga Continues by P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family. Listen to the single "P. Diddy," and check out these lyrics from third verse:

Now hold up, stop, wait a minute

We don`t stop we rock cause ain`t a limit

My aim is winning

Got Asian women

That`ll change my linen

After I done blazed and hit `em

Don't be disrespectin' Asian women! Don't be disrespectin' any women! Your music sucks, and that's racist!


Say you wanna throw one of those murder mystery role playing parties for you and your friends. I'm not into that stuff, but say you are. You try to find a good book for hosting one of these kinds of parties. You come across a book on the internet: How To Host A Murder Party Game - Hoo Hung Woo. What the hell? Here is a description:

8th Century China at the Festival of the Autumn Moon. Guests of the Hoo family have been invited to gather in the grand hall of Hoo House at the Hoo-Hung-Wu Islands. Hoo House is an elegant Chinese mansion and the summer house of the Hoo family. As guests gather for an evening of reflection, poetry and feasting, the celebration gives way to deadly dismay about Who Done It!

The characters for this particular mystery game are: Hoo Li-Gan, General Shang Hai-Shek, Hao Dee-Doo, Pen Ta-Gon, Wee Ping, Wu Pi, Hoo Ting, and Ding Ling. What the hell? Check out the full description here: How to Host a Murder Party Game - Hoo Hung Wu

That's racist!


Some sad news from last week. Victor Keung Wong, a prominent Hollywood character actor and artist, died early Wednesday at his home near Walnut Grove, CA. He was 74. He was 57 when he made his screen debut in the 1984 Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart. After that came supporting roles in major films like The Last Emperor, The Joy Luck Club, Big Trouble In Little China, Seven Years In Tibet and The Golden Child. In all, he made 28 movies, often playing a gradfatherly figure. His last movie was 1998's 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain. You may have seen him featured in the documentary My America... Or Honk If You Love Buddha by Renee Tajima-Pena.


The greatest weapon terrorist possess is not a gun or a bomb or an exploding aircraft. It is the ability to manipulate our country's anger and fear into irresponsible, irrational thought and action. Reports of hate crimes against Muslims and Southeast Asians have risen exponentially across the U.S. in the wake of last weeks terrorist attacks. People are getting harrassed and attacked for being "brown-skinned" or wearing a turban or a shroud. In Mesa, AZ, Francisco Roque, 42, was arrested for the killing of Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Chevron gas station owner. Sodhi, from Punjab, India, was shot to death while doing landscaping outside his business Saturday afternoon. This is exactly the kind of hysteria the terrorists want to create in our country! Check out this article: Hate crime reports up in wake of terrorist attacks. That's racist!.


Chad Hugo, one of the dudes in super producing crew Neptunes (aka N.E.R.D.), is Filipino American. They're responsible for Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass," among other hits. Check out their kick-ass single "Lapdance." Also, Joseph Hahn, one of the dudes in angry band Linkin Park is Asian. He's the DJ. And finally, last week I received this interesting bit of information about "At Last" --the all-Asian boy band:


Innovazian is proud to announce that AT LAST has qualified for the finals
round of Ed McMahon's new show, "Next Big Star."††Ed McMahon's "Next Big
Star" is his follow up to the very popular "Star Search."††After winning
their first two preliminary shows, AT LAST will next compete in the quarter
final round.††Their first episode will air on Sunday, October 28, on PAX TV.
Please check your local listings.††For more details, please visit our website
at www.innovazian.com

Dude, what happened to Star Search? That show was the bomb. I don't know, Next Big Star just doesn't have the same flava. Ah well.


Finally caught an episode of Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack. Not a bad show. Pretty entertaining. Falls into a few stereotypes, but I found myself enjoying it. In this episode, which pretty much takes place entirely underwater, Jack is lured into the sea by this old sea guy's story. He gets swept by the massive wave, only to be rescued by these weird green sea people, who treat him nicely and give him sushi. But it turns out they're really just in league with Jack's mortal enemy, who has promised them something (I forget what) in return for Jack. Well, of course, when they hand him over, Mortal Enemy double crosses the Weird Green Sea People, so they have to come to Jack's rescue. The bad guy's CRAZY POWEFUL, but in the end, Jack's super duper samurai sword saves the day. And the sea dudes are grateful. I look forward to seeing it again.


The video for Alien Ant Farm's cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" has this group of little Asian girl scouts screaming and jumping up and down. I didn't really get it. The rest of the video is filled to the brim with weird Michael Jackson references... They've got this kid doing solo Michael moves, wearing a face mask. There is a sidewalk that lights up just like "Billie Jean." A group of rough-lookin' types do a dance straight out of "Beat It" and "Bad." They've got a chimp. The band does the "lean" move from the original "Smooth Criminal" video. There's even an interlude in the middle where one of the guys beats down a car, just like at the end of "Black or White." At some point I finally understood the bit with the girl scouts: they're supposed to be Michael Jackson's crazed, teary-eyed fans in Japan. You know, those hysterical girls who just manage to utter through their wheezy gasps, "Michael! You king of pop!" Anyway, that's the story with those Asian girls in the video.


Received this junk email last week, soliciting some kind of breast enlargement method:

Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 11:10 PM

Subject: Increase FULL Breast Cup Sizes! GUARANTEED

Tone, Firm and Increase the Size of Your Breasts Naturally

The safe, All-Natural alternative to implants!


Great for......

  • Firming and Uplifting
  • Smaller Breasted Women
  • Older Women
  • Asian Women
  • Sagging and Drooping
  • Enlargement

Click Here for Fuller and Firmer Breasts!

What?! I'm sorry, this ad implies that all Asian women have inadequately small breasts. "Asian Women" are singularly identified as the only ethnic group, as if they are the only women "in need" of breast enhancements. Personally, I know many Asian women with small to average to large-sized breasts, without the help of any sort of oils, creams, implants, augmentation, etc. So don't be making any Asian women feel like that! What's up with that? That's racist!

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