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Just heard, Asian American pretty boy Rick Yune (Fast and the Furious) has been cast in the next James Bond movie as the main bad guy, a North Korean general named "Zao" (what kind of a Korean name is that?) --thus continuing the trend of bad acting (i.e. Denise Richards) in 007 movies.


Oh yeah, I forgot, Lea Salonga was on ER this week... still no Ming Na though.


Yesterday Zhang Ziyi was Maxim Online's Girlfriend of the Day.


Just another bit of hate in the angry asian mail bag:


From: "mail" [musosaso1@home.com]

To: [angryminsoo@angryasianman.com]

Subject: damn your site sucks

Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 21:42:37 -0600


This is one pathetic site. You need to stop crying about Asian bullshit. Damn minorities in this country are treated better today than any other time in history.

Thanks for writing in. Your opinions count. You racist.


There's an Asian dude in Ocean's 11. Shaobo Qin plays Chinese acrobat, the Amazing Yen. He's one of the eleven dudes who trying to pull off this crazy heist. Pretty cool. Too bad he's completely EXOTICIZED. The guy is a freakin' Chinese acrobat dude who can contort his body and do crazy flips and stuff to help them do the stealin'. This makes him small and thin and short. Typical. He speaks like no English and dresses in traditional Chinese garb. There are all these blatant jokes at the expense of this Asian dude thrown into the mix of all these white guys (and two black guys). But the movie is entertaining enough, I can almost forgive this...


Yo, Daniel Dae Kim was also on last night's episode of Charmed. It's just too bad he played some Asian freak. Every series needs to have the "Asian" episode, featuring Asian people and martial arts and ancient oriental secrets, etc. That was this episode, "Enter the Demon." Also featured in the episode were some Asian girl and that old Asian guy, James Hong, who's like in everything... It was all pretty lame.


Daniel Dae Kim as Evil Asian Dude on Angel this week.


Face by Pertha Pan and Better Luck Tomorrow by Justin Lin are both official selections of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Nice. Been looking forward to seeing these films ...


Thanks to Scott for pointing this one out. Check out the website for Not Another Teen Movie. Check out the profile for "Bruce." This is so jacked. A white dude who wants to be Asian... Read what he has to say... insights like, "Don't mess with me or I pa kwa kick you right in golden butterfly." This guy is like Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and Long Duc Dong all in one. I want to cry. No, I'll get angry. That's racist!


Found out WB 11 in New York recently aired a two-part investigative report called "Man Bites Dog," about alleged "dog farming for food" in upstate New York to feed Korean appetites in Manhattan. What the-?! The report, which details the supply/demand apsect of an apparently thriving "black market" for dog meat, is shockingly one-sided...shots of dogs in cages, and slaughterhouses and Koreatown and inarticulate Koreans giving interviews. All gleefully enforcing an ugly stereotype. You can see clips of the report at the station's website: Man Bites Dog. That's racist!


Check out Yue-Sai WaWa, an Asian-inspired alternative to the Barbie doll, available for this Christmas at toy retailers.

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