the next craze to annoy mankind

Mike Myers, trying to return to Austin Powers-era glory, is now the Guru Pitka, the "new ultra hush-hush" character he has been work-shopping live on stage for the past few years... and it sounds like its guaranteed to offend: A Sneak Peek at Mike Myers's Latest Racial Romp. He returned to New York's Magnet Theater this weekend to perform his show Padsana on Human Potentiality and Equipoise by His Holiness the Guru Pitka (I foresee a new comedic trend: long-ass titles). The act has him appearing in a white robe with a fake white beard and putty nose, speaking with an "Indian" accent. This is only the beginning—Myers apparently has two Guru scripts in development at Paramount, sure to spawn a new generation of annoying catch phrases.

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