you couldn't pay me to watch this stuff

The photo above is of Eddie Murphy... and Eddie Murphy in the new film Norbit, opening in theaters today. According to Yahoo! Movies, it's about "a meek man forced into marrying a monstrous woman, only to meet the woman of his dreams." Okay, but Norbit also happens to be adopted by Chinese parents. Yes, Eddie rockin' the Chinese man makeup. In addition to Norbit and Rasputia (the monstrous woman), Eddie Murphy plays Mr. Wong, the Chinese man whose restaurant apparently doubles as an orphanage. I know Eddie Murphy has made a career out of doing radical makeup to play multiple characters in his movies, and this doesn't really come as a surprise... it's part of his tired schtick. So is it still considered yellowface when it's Eddie Murphy doing the yellowfacing? Besides the look, he seems to fall on other stereotypes too. ("You ugry brack baby!" Mr. Wong exclaims when he finds the infant Norbit in his driveway.) Either way, I have no plans to see this movie. Here's A.O. Scott's review in the New York Times: That Was No Elephant, That Was My Wife

Also opening in theaters today, Hannibal Rising, the totally unnecessary Silence of the Lambs prequel telling the story of Hannibal Lecter as a young man. Gong Li apparently has a fairly large role as Hannibal's aunt(?) Lady Murasaki, who teaches him "Oriental warrior traditions." Ah, the ways of the Oriental warrior. Perfect for a future of serial murder and cannibalism. Why, Gong Li, why? It sounds pretty awful, and according to this review, it is: Hannibal sinks in 'Rising'. Yup, that's another one I won't be watching.

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