12th annual chicago asian american showcase

Chicagooooooo! The 12th Annual Chicago Asian American Showcase kicks off tonight with the Opening Night screening of Justin Lin's Finishing the Game at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Justin Lin, Sung Kang and Co. are in town to present their latest movie misadventure. (The film also screens again on Wednesday, April 4th.) The festival continues through April 12, with a packed schedule of events, panels, and films like festival fave Colma: The Musical, Juwan Chung's L.A. gangster flick Baby, the award-winning documentary New Year Baby, Gene Rhee's romantic comedy The Trouble with Romance and truckload of other good stuff. If you couldn't already tell, it's another great year for Asian American cinema. I might add that the Chicago Asian American Showcase was the very first Asian American film festival I ever attended, way back in the day when there wasn't whole lot going on with "the scene." Look at us now. This is a great festival that reflects all the cool stuff that's happening right now. So buy your tickets and get your ass in the seat, and support quality Asian American films.

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