eric byler at depaul, student conferences

This is for my pals at DePaul. For those of you in Chicago, here's something for you to do tonight... filmmaker Eric Byler will be speaking at DePaul University, showing clips from Americanese and My Life Disoriented in presentation called, "Asian Pacific Americans in 2006-2008: Art, Media Representation, and Social Responsibility." He'll be joined by other APA activists who will answer some questions from the audience and talk about their experiences during the Virginia Senate campaign. Tonight, March 8th at DePaul University, Schmidtt Academic Center (SAC) 161. For more information, go here.

Speaking of colleges... the Midwest Asian American Student Union's (MAASU) annual spring conference is happening this weekend, March 9-11, at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. This year's conference theme is "Embrace, Empower and Envision." Looks like they've got a pretty solid program (Eric Byler will be speaking here too). For more information, go here.

And since we're talking about student conferences... heads up, the 21st KASCON (Korean American Student Conference) happens later this month, March 29-April 1, at the University of California at San Diego, where it's always sunny and warm. The conference theme is "New Wave." As usual, lots of great workshops, speakers and entertainers, including Sung Kang; Eddie Kim, Founder of Projekt NewSpeak; Judge Tammy Ryu, California's first Korean American woman judge; Dai-Sil Kim Gibson, Producer of Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women; Lee Ann Kim, anchor and reporter for KGTV in San Diego; Ken Oak Band, Chan, Burning Tree Projekt... and a whole mess of others. For more information about the conference, go here.

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