more news on the jet/jackie project

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Michael Angarano is in final negotiations to star alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the long-awaited, untitled "J&J project": Angarano Joins Chan and Li in J&J
Angarano will play a troubled 17-year-old wannabe kung fu warrior who, after a humiliating defeat at the hands of a street gang, is sent back in time to ancient China on an impossible mission to set free the imprisoned Monkey King (Li) and return to him his all-powerful staff.
While the thought of Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a movie together has a certain novelty, I think I lost interest in this a long time ago. And this silly, awful description really doesn't do anything to change that. Sure, I'd like to see a "J & J" movie, but this definitely does not sound like the one I wanted to see

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