life tastes good on dvd

Acclaimed playwright Philip Kan Gotanda's 1999 directorial feature film debut Life Tastes Good is out on DVD today. It's an indie film that did the festival circuit back in 1999, featuring Sab Shimono, Julia Nickson, Tamlyn Tomita, Greg Watanabe, Kelvin Han Yee and Tim Lounibos. According to this ancient-looking official site:
It is a quirky tale that brings together a murder, poison mushrooms and a mysterious woman to reveal the ephemeral beauty of life and the unforgiving nature of death. It is the story of a rogue mobster who finds love in the darkest days of his life.
If that doesn't sound like a good time at the movies, I don't know what to tell you... For a blast from the past, check out this program description from the 17th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, circa March 1999. Anyway, the movie is out on DVD today from Cinema Epoch.

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