nyu magazine's "asian issue"

The second and newest issue of NYU's Brownstone is dubbed "The Asian Issue." While the cover image, featuring the exotic naked backside of black-haired Asian female, sets off major red flags, the issue attempts to be a reasoned, introspective examination at Asian culture—whatever that means—at NYU and in New York. It's not entirely successful, but they tried. The coverage seems somewhat limited, and the articles are kind of short, but the subjects are halfway interesting. There's a profile on actor Wai Choy, who played one of the nerdy Asian Mathlete guys in the movie Mean Girls. He's a junior at NYU. I was pretty amused reading about the issue's featured photo shoot, which was supposed to illustrate various Asian stereotypes, but was instead cancelled because one of the models walked on them. Why? He was unhappy with how they portrayed an Asian stereotype: The centerfold that never was. Read the issue here.

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