optic nerve #11, and real optic nerves

The latest issue of Adrian Tomine's indie comic book Optic Nerve is finally out. Issue number 11 is the long-awaited third and final part of his latest story arc, about an Asian American guy named Ben Tanaka, and apparently it's pretty awesome: Long-Awaited Adrian Tomine Comic is Bitter and Brilliant. If you haven't read Adrian Tomine's other work, you're missing out, because it is indeed brilliant and keeps getting better. I actually haven't read the latest storyline, but definitely plan on picking up the collected graphic novel, Shortcomings. It's being released in September from Drawn & Quarterly.

Speaking of optic nerves (how's that for a segue?)... According to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine, young and middle-aged Americans of Chinese descent are prone to a new eye syndrome that ophthalmologists are often mistaking for blinding glaucoma: New Eye Condition Striking Young Chinese Americans. The tracked 16 people for seven years and observed more than 100 others, and concluded that there's a new eye syndrome occurring in the young Chinese population in the United States. Hear that, my friends? Watch that optic nerve damage. Get your eyes checked.

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