possible hate crime at auburn university

At Auburn University in Alabama, police are trying to determine whether a reported assault of an Asian student was a hate crime linked to animosity over last week's massacre at Virginia Tech: Attack on Asian AU student investigated as possible hate crime. The alleged attack, which left the victim with injuries including a busted lip and swollen cheek, reportedly occurred three days after the shooting at Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, authorities have yet to determine a motive and have no suspects since the victim says he couldn't identify his attackers:
"He said there were three white guys who assaulted him without weapons," said Holder. "He said there were no witnesses, no one else around. He said he asked them why they were beating on him, and they said it was because he was an Asian."
The investigation is complicated because a cousin of the victim apparently notified the media before contacting police. A police report wasn't filed until two days after the incident reportedly occurred, but officers are trying to determine whether any security cameras might have captured images of the attack. With no witnesses, no description of the attackers, and just the injuries of the Asian student, the situation doesn't look very good to me...

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