protest racist radio this friday in nyc

Here's the latest news on the fight against JV & Elvis at 92.3 FreeFM, for their racist Chinese restaurant prank call segment... If you haven't heard if the offending clip yet, it's been taken down from the 92.3 FM website, but you can listen to it here or here. The good guys over at Fallout Central have also uncovered and posted two other previous racist segments by the unfunny pair: "You rike a fortune cookie?" and "Rice pickles." It seems that making fun of Asians is a regular feature on their show. That's racist!

The controversy has reached mainstream media, being reported by the likes of CNN: Shock jocks in trouble. The segment features Vicki Shu Smolin, President of OCA-NY. I cringe everytime I hear bits from that idiotic recording. So what now? The two hosts have been suspended for the prank, but what does that prove? They'll eventually do something like this again, or worse, inspire assclowns on other radio stations to do the same. These guys and their producers need to get canned. Do you want to do something about it? This Friday, April 27 at noon, there will be a rally against hate media outside CBS Headquarters (parent company of 92.3), 51 West 52nd Street (the Black Rock Building, off 6th Avenue). Here are the particulars:
For Immediate Release

Contact: Mr. Sing Yee, Vice President of Public Affairs, OCA-NY: 917-518-8568


What: A coalition of civil rights and community organizations, students, and concerned citizens will rally against hate media in response to the recent segment on the The Dog House with JV&Elvis on 92.3FreeFM.

WHO: Organization of Chinese Americans, Coalition Against Hate Media, Numerous leaders from the civil rights and community organizations

WHEN: Friday, April 27, 2007, NOON

WHERE: CBS Headquarters, 51 West 52nd Street (the Black Rock Building, off 6th Avenue)
If you're free, or heck, even if you're not, make time to show your support and send a message that this kind of racist garbage cannot continue to rot the airwaves. Don't let this controversy just die down and slink away!

Meanwhile, OCA has met with Power 105.1 management about their "Are You Smarter Than An Asian?" morning show segment from a few weeks ago, and has accepted apology: Power 105 Clears the air with apology to Asians. OCA apparently came out of the meeting convinced everyone had a better understanding of their concerns. Personally, I'm not all that impressed. And they should've known better than to produce and air that segment in the first place. But that's how things are. Oh yeah, be sure to read this great blog entry by Professor C.N. Le from a few weeks back, regarding the Imus controversy, because it makes some great observations about racist radio and public reaction: Larger Context of Imus Racist Comments

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